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Microcement in Wetrooms and Bathrooms Guide

What is Microcement?
Micro Cement is a specialised cement mixed with polymers, aggregates, additives and pigments, it is available in a wide range of decorative colours and finishes, can be applied onto almost any surface and is approximately 3mm thick. 

Is Microcement Suitable for use in a Wetroom or Bathroom?
Yes! Microcement is an ideal finish to use in your wetroom or bathroom. It is durable, waterproof, low maintenance, easy to clean, non-slip and resistant to humidity, thanks to these properties it can be applied to both the walls and the floors.

Do you need to Tank a Wetroom if I am using Microcement?
Most micro cement manufacturers specify a two part product made specifically for wet room applications, these are completely impervious to water, therefore removing the need to tank.   

Which Wetroom Kit should I use when installing Microcement?
There are very few wetroom trays and drains on the market that are designed with microcement in mind, for example we do not recommend the use of foam cored/xps light weight wetroom trays or boards when installing microcement on floors.
Due to its increase in popularity we have developed a range of products specifically for use with microcement, our Maxxus wetroom trays are ideal, as a solid, structural and load-bearing tray will give the thin microcement layer the support it needs.  
Our complete kits for microcement floors can be found here.

The Main Advantages of Microcement.

  • Available in a wide variety of finishes, colours and textures.

  • Durability - ideal for use in high traffic areas, resistant to scratches, impact and stains.

  • Hygienic - microcement is even used on kitchen worktops. 

  • Easy to clean and low maintenance.

  • Waterproof *.

  • Non-slip *. 

  • Can be applied to almost any surface.  

* dependant upon manufacturer and product chosen

Microcement In A Wetroom /  Bathroom
Microcement Wet Room Floor
Microcement Recessed Wall Niche In Wetroom Shower
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