MAXXUS Wetroom kits for vinyl floor coverings with round drain

Structural, load bearing decks which can be fixed directly to joists without the need for under boarding. Supplied complete with drain, choice of round grids. Many deck sizes available.

  • Structural 470kg load-bearing deck.
  • No under-boarding required.
  • Can be cut down to size.
  • Sizes


    900 x 900 x 22mm


    1200 x 900 x 22mm


    1200 x 1200 x 22mm


    1000 x 1000 x 22mm


    1300 x 800 x 22mm


    1450 x 1150 x 22mm


    1135 x 770 x 22mm


    1400 x 900 x 22mm


    1650 x 900 x 22mm


    1200 x 800 x 22mm


    1500 x 800 x 22mm


    1800 x 800 x 22mm

  • Minimax Drain

    MINIMAX 2 Part Drain

    • 47 Litres/minute flow rate.
    • 40mm solvent weld.
    • Projects only 77mm below Maxxus deck.
    • Nood* no-odour spring trap.
    • Choice of grid option, see below

    *What is NOOD? – A patented non-odour trap with a spring that permits high flow rates. Prevents back-flow and odours rising should a water seal evaporate.

  • Drain Grid Options

    Choice of standard grid or upgrade to a brushed stainless steel grid

    Standard Plastic Grid

    Stainless Steel Grid Upgrades

    Art Deco


  • Tile Backer Board and Formers

    Create floors, walls, dividers, bath sides, alcoves and seating with Tile Back Board.

    • Superior multi-purpose thermal construction board.
    • Extruded polystyrene core.
    • Reinforced cement polymer coating.
    • Insulating thermal properties reduces heat loss.
    • Excellent compressive strength.
    • Designed for the application of all tile types.

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  • Adaptations and Additions


    Accessibility adaptions for healthcare situations or for the home. Full Kits for building regulation compliance or individual items.

    Additions & Extras

  • Frameless Glass Screens

    Shower Screens Made Easy

    Visit our BetaScreens site for an array of solutions to suit any shower space. BETA Screens are distinguished by an uncompromising, full glass, high-end aesthetic, offering minimalist luxury at an affordable price. The effect is fully frameless with pure sight lines that harmonise with both traditional or contemporary features and fittings. Our knowledgeable staff can quickly and easily guide you through different configurations, offer advise and provide instant quotations over the phone if required.

    • Fixed Screens
    • Fixed Screens with Returns
    • Hinged Return Panels
    • Hinged Screens
    • Free Standing Screens
    • Enclosures
    • Doors
    • Bath Screens
    • Coloured Glass, Etching and Printing
    • Hardware, Fixings and Seals

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  • Fitting Instructions PDFs