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Guide To Choosing the Right Wetroom System

When deciding on which of our wetroom systems to use there are a just few things to consider;

1. What type of flooring is to be used?

Tiles, Microcement or Vinyl?
To make things easy we have separated our wetroom kits into groups based on the type of flooring being used.

Please view our wetroom kits here. 

2. Which type of drain/grid do you prefer?

Standard Round/Square or Linear Channel Drain?
This is mostly down to aesthetics.
All our drains are high flow however, linear drains generally have higher flow rates and may catch more water than standard drains.

3. Which type of wetroom tray should I use?

Our wetroom trays fall into one of the following two categories,   

Structural Trays

Non Structural Trays

Maxxus Structural Wetroom Tray
Underlay Plus.jpg


Maxxus Product Information;

  • 470kgs load bearing tray, no under-boarding required.

  • Suitable for Tiles, Vinyl & Microcement flooring.

  • Made from 50% recycled material/resin compound.

  • Can be cut to size.

  • Bespoke service available. 

Underlay Product Information;

  • Must be fully supported underneath.

  • Suitable for Tiled floors only.

  • Made from XPS with a cement polymer face.

  • Can be cut to size.

  • Bespoke service available. 

3. Which tanking system should I use?

We offer two tanking systems the Innovations Tanking System and the Hydromat Tanking System.

Hydromat 10m Wetroom Tanking System

Tanking System

Tanking System


8k Tankig Kit Trans 1__edited.png

Innovations Product Information;

  • Easy to use paint on tanking system.

  • Can be tiled after 24hours.

  • Covers up to 10m².

  • Suitable for tiled or microcement floors and walls.

  • Ready to use, no mixing required.

  • Dries into a flexible sheet.

  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating

Hydromat Product Information;

  • High tack self adhesive sheet membrane.

  • Can be tiled over straight away once installed.

  • 5m² and 10m² kits available.

  • Suitable for tiled floors and walls only.

  • 1000mm wide sheets.

  • Fleece top provides maximum key for tile adhesive.

  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating.

If you would like anymore information or have any questions that are not answered on our website or FAO page please give us a call or use the Contact Us form, we are happy to help.

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