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Bespoke Wetroom Trays
  • Can be made to almost any size or shape with any drain location.

  • Underlay or Structural tray types.

  • Round or linear wastes.

Bespoke Underlay Tray

Bespoke Underlay Plus Wetroom Tray
  • For tiled floors only.

  • Made to fit Underlay Plus waste or the Purus linear drains.

  • 4-way or single fall.

  • Tray thickness dependant upon size.

  • 21 day lead time.

Bespoke Underlay Linear Wet Room Tray

Bespoke Structural Tray

Bespoke Structural Wetroom Tray
  • For tile, vinyl or microcement floors.

  • Made to fit Purus Mini or linear drains.

  • 4-way fall.

  • Only 22mm thick.

  • Approx. 8 week lead time.

Bespoke Structural Linear Wetroom Tray
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