Other Wetroom Drains

  • Marmox 360 Drain

    Marmox 360 Drain

    • 30-50 l/m flow rates.
    • Outlet swivels through 360 degrees.
    • Includes stainless steel grid.
    • Fits Marmox 360 trays only.
    • 50mm compression with 40mm adaptor.

    Code: M360DR

  • Underlay Plus Drain Kit

    Underlay Plus Drain Kit

    • 34 l/m flow rate. Tested under 15mm head of water.
    • Includes drain fitting aid.
    • Includes stainless steel or tile insert grid.
    • 50mm water seal trap.
    • Fits Underlay Plus trays only.

    Stainless Steel Grid, Horizontal Outlet
    Code: J0216SS

    Stainless Steel Grid, Vertical Outlet
    Code: J0217SS

    Tile Insert Grid, Horizontal Outlet
    Code: J0216T

    Tile Insert Grid, Vertical Outlet
    Code: J0217T

  • Wall Inlet Channel Drain

    Gebreit’s sleek and clever drainage channels offer a unique alternative to normal drains and are available in four finishes.

    Wall-Inlet Channel Drain

    • 50 l/m flow rate.
    • Conceal drain body within a wall cavity with a depth of 110mm.
    • Removable cover plate for easy cleaning.
    • For timber or concrete floors.
    • Grid dimensions 320 x 50mm.
    • Bespoke 3-way fall floor formers also available.

    Code Drain Body Only: 457.538.00.1

    Grid Options

    Gloss Chrome  Code: 154.335.21.1

    Stainless Steel  Code: 154.336.FW.1

    White Code: 154.335.11.1

    Tile Insert Code: 1154.338.00.1