Build Walls, Floors and More with Tile Backer Board

Tile Backer / Construction Board

  • Superior multi-purpose thermal construction board.
  • Extruded polystyrene core with reinforced cement polymer coating.
  • Water resistant – ideal for use in areas subject to prolonged/permanent water immersion.
  • Thermal properties reduce heat loss when used underneath under-floor heating systems.
  • Excellent compressive strength, impact strength, sound reduction and fire resistance.
  • Designed for the application of all tile types, cement based screeds and synthetic renders.
  • Easy to use and fix using cement based flexible tile adhesive or screws and washers.
Technical SpecificationValue
Compressive Strength (10% deformation) BS EN 826300 kPa
Thermal Conductivity to BS EN 13164 (5 years)0.033 W/mK
Water Absorption by volume tested to BS EN 120870.6%
Density (foam core only)36kg/m3
Temperature Range50, +75 Degrees
Fire Performance BS 476 part 6, 7 surface spread of flames/EN 13501-1Class O/Euroclass E
Sound Reduction to BS EN 10140-3 test results based on 6mm board19dB
  • Tile Backer Board Sizes

    1200 x 600mm Boards

    1200 x 600mm4mm3.75 w/mkTB1204
    1200 x 600mm6mm3.05 w/mkTB1206
    1200 x 600mm10mm2.23 w/mkTB1210
    1200 x 600mm12.5mm1.91 w/mkTB1212

    2400 x 600mm Boards

    2400 x 600mm10mm2.23 w/mkTB2410
    2400 x 600mm12.5mm1.91 w/mkTB2412
    2400 x 600mm20mm1.33 w/mkTB2420
    2400 x 600mm30mm0.95 w/mkTB2430
    2400 x 600mm40mm0.75 w/mkTB2440
    2400 x 600mm50mm0.61 w/mkTB2450
    2400 x 600mm60mm0.51 w/mkTB2460
    2400 x 600mm90mm0.39 w/mkTB2490
  • Recessed Wall Niche

    Recessed Wall Niche

    • Pre-formed alcove for shower spaces.
    • Creates a recessed shelf to provide extra space for toiletries.
    • Fits wall cavity 100mm or deeper.
    • External fascia may be trimmed.
    • Waterproof and ready to tile.
    • Constructed from 12.5mm Tile Backer Board.
    • Provides thermal insulation.
    • Pre-constructed to guarantee conformity and size.
    • Can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation.
    Internal DimensionsExternal DimensionsCode
    200 x 400 x 85mm300 x 500 x 100mmMN200
    300 x 400 x 85mm400 x 500 x 100mmMN300
    400 x 400 x 85mm500 x 500 x 100mmMN400
    500 x 400 x 85mm600 x 500 x 100mmMN500
  • Curved Tile Backer Board

    • Cuts allow the board to bend to a tight radius.
    • Used for constructing curves such as corners or steam room ceilings.
    SizeCut DirectionThicknessCode
    1200 x 600mm1200mm20mmTB12CBL
    1200 x 600mm600mm20mmTB12CBS
  • Raised Plinth Kit

    • Provides a 90mm raised plinth to allow a waste pipe run.
    • Can be used with any of our wetroom kits.
    • 2 x Tile Backer Boards each measuring 2400 x 600 x 90mm.
    • 2 x Tubes of High-Grab MS Polymer.
    • Simply cut boards to size and bond deck to the plinth.
    • Plinth kit must be fully supported underneath ie.18mm plywood.

    Code: TB24RPK

  • Marmox Sound Board

    • Provides impact noise reduction of 20 decibels.
    • Waterproof and thermal insulation properties.
    • 2mm synthetic rubber facing.
    1250 x 600mm8mmTB128SB
    1250 x 600mm12mmTB1212SB
  • Corner Element Tile Backer Board

    • 90 degree angle.
    • Used for boxing in soil pipes.
    • 200mm x 200mm
    • Length 2600mm
    • Thickness 20mm

    Code: TB90CE

  • Bath Panel

    • Adjustable legs.
    • Easily cut to size on site.
    • Made to measure service available.
    2100 x 600mm30mmTB21BP
    730 x 600mm30mmTB07BP
  • Tile Backer Board Fixings

    Screws and Washers

    • Zinc plated screws.
    • 35mm diameter galvanised washers.
    • Length 25mm or 45mm
    • Countersunk.
    • Packs of 50.

    25mm Code: TBSW25
    45mm Code: TBSW45


    • 35mm diameter galvanised washers.
    • Countersunk.
    • Packs of 100.

    Code: TBW35

  • High-Grab MS Polymer Adhesive

    High-Grab MS Polymer

    • Highly durable, totally waterproof adhesive.
    • Bonds and seals many different surfaces.
    • 290ml cartridge.

    Code: MSP290