Orkan Shower Trays

High quality and stylish shower trays, with a unique, hidden, fast flow waste. Available in nine sizes.

Orkan Pure Shower Trays

  • High quality and stylish, offering a unique hidden fast flow waste.
  • Superior 25mm stone resin with white gel coat finish.
  • Slip resistant surface.
  • 10 Year manufacturers guarantee.
  • 90mm waste flows 48 l/min.
  • Optional plinth kits raise tray 100mm and can be trimmed to size.
  • Brochures available on request.

High quality, stylish, coloured, shower trays. Available in eight sizes and four colours.

Orkan Accent Shower Trays

  • High quality coloured trays.
  • 45mm tray with rims.
  • Natural quartz with coloured gel coat and reinforced polyester.
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Durable and stain resistant.
  • 90mm waste flows 48 l/min.
  • 2 Years manufacturer warranty.
  • Brochures and sample boards available on request.

Orkan Accent Tray Colours

White in Stock. Other colours 3-4 week delivery

  • Orkan Pure Sizes


    800 x 800 x 30mm


    900 x 900 x 30mm


    900 x 900 x 30mm


    1000 x 800 x 30mm


    1200 x 800 x 30mm


    1200 x 900 x 30mm


    1600 x 800 x 30mm


    1700 x 700 x 30mm


    1700 x 800 x 30mm

    Plinth Kits

    1200 x 900mm – Code: OPP1290
    1200 x 1000mm Quad – Code: OPP1210
    1700 x 900mm – Code: OPP1790

  • Orkan Accent Sizes


    900 x 900 x 45mm


    1000 x 700 x 45mm


    1200 x 700 x 45mm


    1000 x 800 x 45mm


    1200 x 800 x 45mm


    1400 x 800 x 45mm


    1600 x 800 x 45mm


    1800 x 800 x 45mm

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