Steamroom Equipment, Seats, Loungers & Sculpted Cubicles

Build a steamroom incorporating a steam generator and fitted out with comfortable seating. Construct a sculpted shower cubicle with a ready built former.

Bespoke Steam Rooms

Wetroom Innovations can supply all the specialist materials necessary to build a stylish, modern steam room. Any size, any shape get in touch for more information.

Steam generator Mr Steam Thermostatic MR Steam Controller Steam generator controller thermostatic

Mr. Steam Generators

Build a home steamroom

Take home bathing to a new level of luxury, sophistication and satisfaction with a home spa/steamroom. Enjoy steam bathing in a compact shower enclosure as part of a wetroom.

Enjoy the benefits of steam

The warmth opens the skin pores leaving it soft and supple, engendering a sense of cleanliness, wellness and fitness. The perspiration aids removal of impurities; the steam aids the relief of tired muscles.

Mr Steam Generator Features

  • Compact, easy to install with fast snap-in connectors
  • Self-diagnostic LED indicators Electronic water-level control
  • CE certified
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Including thermostatic controller

Note: For best results and fast warm-up, line all walls and ceiling with insulated tile backer board (TBB) – see page N1.


Max room volume m3 Kilowatt Code
2.83 5.0 M9
4.25 6.0 M15
6.37 7.5 M22
10.20 9.0 M40
13.40 10 M1E
16.20 12 M2E
19.10 15 M3E
24.70 20 M4E
30.40 25 M5E
36.10 30 M6E

Shower Enclosures, Seats and Loungers

All constructed with the same material as our backer board (see TBB page): EPS foam core with polymer cement skin and embedded reinforced mesh. Delivered ready to install and tile.

Sprial or Snail Shower Enclosure former

Spiral Shower Enclosure

Height 2400mm, option of right or left entrance Width (max) 1990mm

Sprial or Snail Shower Enclosure former

Circular Shower Enclosure

Diameter 1180mm, height 2400mm

Steamroom seat former without back Seat former for steamroomBench seat former for steam rooms

Seat and Bench formers for Steamrooms

Various profiles and heights

Lounger for steam room former ready to tile

Loungers for Steamrooms

5 profiles, 2 lengths